CMA Essay题就是论述题,一道论述题能够包含的考点是很多的,这就是2016年CMA考试Essay题难度所在!中国CMA考试网小编就简单说说essay题的重要性以及难度。

       案例:CMA P1部分的eassy题
  一.Essay 1
  Background:A firm has only one salesperson,who’s in charge of setting the credit term,billing and collecting the returned parts.All returned parts are not entered into the account,and are recognized as other revenues when these returned parts are sold.
  1.Identify the objectives of internal control
  1.effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  2.reliability of financial reporting
  3.compliance with applicable laws and regulation
  4.safeguarding of assets
  2.Identify and explain 4 Weaknesses in internal control concerning segregation of duties
  1.salesperson shouldn’t have the authority of setting the credit terms,where he can give the customer credit terms discretionarily.
  2.the salesperson shouldn’t bill and collect the returned parts,which violate the segregation of duty of authority and custody.
  3.the sales person shouldn’t be responsible for accounting,which violate the principle of segregating the authority job and record keeping job
  4.the sales person shouldn’t be responsible for collecting the returned parts and the accounting job,Because when less returned goods recorded than actually happened,it is difficult to detect
  3.Identify and explain segregation of duties
  segregation of duties involves assigning different employees to perform functions such that an employee acting alone is prevented from committing an error or concealing a fraud in the normal course of his duties.
  there are four types of responsibilities should be segregated:
  1.the authority to execute transactions.
  2.record keeping of the transactions
  3.custody of the assets affected by the transactions.
  4.periodic reconciliation of the existing assets to recorded amounts.
  4.Identify the conflicts the accountant faced according to the Standard Code of Ethics.The proper course of actions.(one accountant发现这些不妥,要怎样反馈给老板)
  It conflicts with the standard of“disclose delays or deficiencies in information timeliness,processing,or internal controls”and“recognize and communicate professional limitations that preclude responsible judgment”
  1.set the internal control system.
  2.set the internal audit system.
  3.optimize the control environment.